How It Works

Industry Exclusivity

Members are Protected! When you join a  Group you will not have to compete with others in your industry. There is some crossover in some industries… such as Insurance, Banking, and Financial Advisors… each of whom sell some products that the others offer.

How it Works
The Apricot Rocket | Apricot Rocket Networking
Affiliate Member Program
Terms and Conditions of Participation

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Purpose of Affiliate Program

The purpose of the Affiliate Member Program is to provide an easy way for Affiliate Members to earn money by helping Apricot Rocket grow and expand it’s User and Customer base.

Apricot Rocket Affiliates have the option to join an Apricot Rocket Networking group.

  • Membership in Apricot Rocket Networking has a monthly cost of $19.95.
  • Membership includes the Apricot Rocket CRM system Pro Level 1 Upgrade.
  • Affiliates who are already paying a monthly fee for the Apricot Rocket CRM System will not be required to pay a separate Monthly Membership Fee.
  • Affiliates who are not currently paying a monthly fee for the Apricot Rocket CRM System must pay the Apricot Rocket Networking Monthly Membership Fee of $19.95.

Membership in an Apricot Rocket Networking group has three (3) requirements:

  1. Apricot Rocket Affiliate Status in Good Standing
  2. Apricot Networking Membership Status in Good Standing.
  3. There must be an opening in one of the Networking Groups for their industry.

NOTE: Apricot Rocket makes no representation as to the earnings potential for Affiliate Member Program participants. Any representations that may be made to the participant by other participants should be viewed as nothing but the opinion of the participant making the representation and the participant hearing that representation should proceed with caution. No Affiliate Member Program participant is authorized by Apricot Rocket make a representation as to potential earnings and potential participants should not rely upon such representations.

NOTE: Participation in the Apricot Rocket Affiliate Member Program is currently strictly limited to people who are residents of the United States or Canada. All accounts will require validation with an SMS message that will be sent to a U.S. or Canadian phone number. No payments will be sent to anyone who cannot show proof of U.S. or Canadian residency status. Any participant who attempts to circumvent this restriction will forfeit their Account and any funds that may otherwise be due to be paid. 

Definition of Terms

  • Apricot Rocket Apricot Rocket, Inc.
  • Apricot Rocket Networking – a wholly owned subsidiary of Apricot Rocket, Inc.
  • Affiliate Member Program may be referred to herein as Affiliate Program, Member Affiliate Program, Afffiliate Member Program.
  • User – anyone with an Account on Apricot Rocket
  • Customer – any User who is paying a monthly fee for upgraded access to the CRM system
  • Affiliate – any Customer who has paid the Affiliate Member Program One Time Setup Fee and continues to meet the requirements of Active Account Status.
  • CRM Account Status in Good Standing – any Apricot Rocket Account that is current on their monthly fees for the CRM system.
  • Affiliate Account Status in Good Standing – Any Apricot Rocket Affiliate Program Participant who is current on their Annual Membership Fees.
  • Networking Group Member Status in Good Standing – Membership in an Apricot Rocket Networking Group requires that the Affiliate Member meet the Active Member Status criteria which includes the following:
    • Members must make an average of at least one (1) referral per month to another Member in the Group to which they are a Member
    • Members must attend at least 50% of meetings each month
    • Members must engage on social media with at least 50% of the other Members in the group at least one time each month
    • The above membership activity metrics are measured based on a rolling three month average.
  • Marginal Member Status – if a Member of an Apricot Rocket Networking fails to maintain Active Member Status their status as a Member is considered Marginal. Marginal Members will have 30 days to return their Networking Group Account to Good Standing.
  • Networking Group Member – any Affiliate who is currently particpating in the Apricot Rocket Networking organization as a Member of a Networking Group
  • Networking Group – a weekly online business referral group authorized to be operated by Apricot Rocket Networking.
  • Sponsor – any User who has successfully invited another User to create an Account on Apricot Rocket
  • Downline – any User or Customer who has been Sponsored within 6 Tiers of the Affiliate Member.
  • Tiers – Levels of Sponsored Users below the Affiliate Member
  • Commissions Earned – Commission may be Earned only on Fees paid by Downline Members while the Participants Account is Active and in Good Standing.

Program Fees & Requirements

  • $100 Annual Membership Fee: Affiliate Members must pay an Annual Affiliate Program Membership Fee.
  • Participants may only earn Commissions while they maintain Active Accounts in Good Standing.
  • Affiliates who are Members of an Apricot Rocket Networking Group and have their Group Membership Status revoked are still considered Affiliates for the purpose of earning commissions so long as their maintain their Affiliate Account Status in Good Standing.

Downline Tiers

  • Tier 1 – All Users who have been directly Sponsored by the Participant
  • Tier 2 – all Users who have been Sponsored by a Tier 1 User
  • Tier 3 – all Users who have been Sponsored by a Tier 2 User
  • Tier 4 – all Users who have been Sponsored by a Tier 3 User
  • Tier 5 – all Users who have been Sponsored by a Tier 4 User
  • Tier 6 – all Users who have been Sponsored by a Tier 5 User

Commissions Payment Rates

  • Tier 1 – 8%
  • Tier 2 – 6%
  • Tier 3 – 4%
  • Tier 4 – 2%
  • Tier 5 – 2%
  • Tier 6 – 2%

Commission Payments and Benefits of Participation

The following fees charged by Apricot Rocket to Customers are qualified to generate Commission Earnings for Participants

  • CRM Upgrade Fees – standard commission payment rates apply
  • Affiliate Program Annual Membership Fees
    • Standard Fees – standard commission payment rates apply
    • New Affiliate Sponsor Bonus Fee – $67.00 Bonus Payment to Direct Sponsor of New Affiliate on their initial Membership Fee payment. Payments for subsequent years will qualify for Commissions but not for a New Affiliate Sponsor Bonus.
  • SMS Messaging Fees
    • Account Activation Fees
      • Monthly Activation Fee – $5 per month
      • Annual Activation Fee – $50/year
    • Message Segments Bundles
      • SMS Message Bundles – fee based on bundle size
      • MMS Message Bundles – fee based on bundle size
  • Vendor Lead Payments
    • Note: Vendor Lead Payments are attributed to the User who is Requesting the Quote, not to the Sponsor who Sponsored the Vendor.
    • The reason is to encourage Users to Request Quotes.
    • Only 50% of the Vendor Lead Payment is available for Participant Commissions. The other 50% is shared with the Community Owner associated with the User Requesting the Quote.
  • Bonus Payments
    • A $67 “Affiliate Sponsor” Bonus is paid to each Affiliate who Sponsors another Affiliate.
    • The Affiliate Sponsor Bonus is earned by and payable to the Sponsoring Affiliate upon payment of the Initial Year Membership Fee by the Sponsored Affiliate.

Benefits of Affiliate Participation

  • Right to participate as a Member in the Apricot Rocket Networking organization and join a Networking Group. Note: This is dependent on the Affiliate paying the required minimum Monthly Networking Group Membership Fee.
  • Earn Commissions (see above)
  • Earn Bonuses (see above)
  • Redeem Tokens for Cash (see below)

Participant Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Affiliate Program:
    • Participants pay a $100 Annual Membership Fee.
    • Participants must be Customers of Apricot Rocket’s CRM system.
    • Participants must maintain Active Account Status.
    • Active Account Status is defined as being current on all monthly or annual payments required based on the services that the Participant has purchased or subscribed to with Apricot Rocket.
    • Participants must certify both that they have Read the Terms and Conditions (How it Works) and that they Agree to be Bound by the Terms and Conditions (How it Works) of the Affiliate Program.
  • Membership in Apricot Rocket Networking
    • Attend at least 50% of meetings each month
    • Make at least one (1) referral each month
    • Maintain a Referral Quality level of at least 2 on a scale of 1-5.
    • Engage with at least 50% of the other Group Members on social media each month
    • Metrics are based on a rolling 3 month average
    • Failure to maintain the above participation requirements may result in loss of Group Membership, however, Affiliate Program Membership is not dependent upon Networking Group Membership Status.

Disbursement Process and Requirements

  • Participants earn Commissions only on Fees paid by Downline Members during the period that the Participant’s Account Status is Active.
  • Participants may request a disbursement of earnings only one time each month.
  • Disbursements will have a cost of 3% of the amount of the Disbursement Requested. This means that a Disbursement Request in the amount of $100.00 will require that the Participant have $103.00 in their Earnings Register as an Available Balance. In such a scenario the Participant will be sent $100.00 via Paypal and will have $102.00 deducted from their Available Balance.
  • If a Disbursement Request of $100 is made when there is only $100 in the account the payout will be $97.08 which is $100 / 1.03. Calculating: 3% of 97.09 = 2.92. EX: $97.08 + $2.92 = $100.00
  • If a Participant does not request an earning disbursement during any given month they may make a request the following month.
  • Disbursement requests may be made for any Commission Earned but not yet disbursed which have been earned for at least 15 days.
  • Commissions Earned that have been earned within the last 15 days prior to the disbursement request date may not be considered Earnings Available for disbursement.
  • Participant must provide a currently active PayPal account related email when making the disbursement request. This will be comparied with the PayPal email currently on file and, if different, will prompt a delay in disbursement until the reason for the discrepance can be verified in person.
  • As required by Internal Revenue Service regulations participants must have a current and accurate IRS Form W9 on file to receive disbursements of earnings.
  • PayPal is the only payment mechanism offered by Apricot Rocket. Participants must have a PayPal account to receive disbursements of earnings.

Redemption of Rocket Tokens into Cash

Participants may redeem Rocket Token for Cash at the following rates and under the following terms:

How to Earn Tokens

  • Earn 1,000 Tokens for Each New Account you Sponsor.
  • Earn 20 Tokens each time you login, up to a maximum of 100 Tokens per day. You may only earn 20 Tokens if your Login to the system is at least 15 minutes after your last Logout.
  • Earn Tokens for Answering Survey Questions
  • Earn Tokens for Clicking on Display Ads
  • Earn Tokens for Clicking on the [Learn More] buttons when a Display Ad Popup is shown. Note: This adds your information to the Advertiser database and will likely result in you receiving emails, sms text messages, or phone calls from the Advertiser.

Token Redemption Rates:

  • Redemption Rate = $0.001 per Token for Affiliate Program Participants who have a Pro Level 1 Upgrade or higher.

Note: As of November 29, 2020 redemptions at a higher rate have been discontinued.

Token Redemption Terms:

  • Rocket Tokens may be redeemed a maximum of one time per month.
  • Rocket Tokens may only be redeemed in 25,000 Token bundles – worth at least $25 in cash.
  • The means that you may redeem 25,000, or 50,000 or 100,000 or 150,000 (etc.) Rocket Tokens at a time.

Rocket Tokens may be traded (bought and/or sold) on the Token Market at any time by Participants.  For more information about Rocket Tokens please review the Video Tutorial on the Rocket Tokens panel on the Dashboard.

Intellectual Property

Apricot Rocket, Inc. retains sole ownership of all images, logos, trademarks, servicemarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property. Usage of any of the intellectual property owned by Apricot Rocket, Inc. is restricted to persons authorized by Apricot Rocket, Inc. Any unauthorized usage of the intellectual property of Apricot Rocket, Inc. shall be prohibited and if an Affiliate Member violating this section fails to immediately cease upon notification by Apricot Rocket, Inc. their participation as an Affiliate Member shall be immediately terminated and all rights of the Affiliate Member to any earnings that have not yet been distributed shall be void and those earning forfeit.


Participants hereby agree that if they have a dispute with Apricot Rocket over any of the Affiliate Member Program Terms and Conditions of Participation the participant agrees to submit to mediation by a licensed mediator located in Collin County Texas and that such mediator may be selected by Apricot Rocket from a list of mediators who are members and approved by the American Mediation Association. Further, Participant agrees to forego all rights to engage in civil litigation against Apricot Rocket.

Updates to the Terms and Conditions of Participation

Apricot Rocket reserves the right to make modifications to any of the Terms & Conditions contained within the “How It Works” page without the requirement to provide advanced notification to Affiliate participants. Updates may be made, from time to time, and Apricot Rocket will post those updates to this section. It is the Participants responsibility to return to this section and review the Updates that have been made. Apricot Rocket is under no obligation to notify Participants when Updates have been made, however, it is Apricot Rocket’s intention to make such notifications.

Learn :: Connect :: Prosper

Every Member gets a suite of digital tools that are effective at accelerating growth. Those tools allow you to build vibrant communities. Training teaches you how to use the Community Tools to grow your business. We help you build connections that result in business. A healthy growing business is a more prosperous business.

The :30 Second MBA Program

There are only two (2) ways any business becomes more profitable… Increase Revenues and/or Reduce Costs. Increasing Revenues only happens when you either: 1) get more customers, or 2) sell more to the customers you already have. Inviting Guests to attend a Meeting is the fastest way to get new customers. Each Member is committed to bringing Guests and Guests are the source of new business for everyone.

Our networking model is a powerful way to expand your customer base.

Business is Social

Is social media important to you? Which social media?

Members are committed to engaging with each other on the social media platform that is most important to each Member. I may prefer Facebook but you may prefer Linkedin, and someone else may prefer Pinterest… etc. Each Member agrees to engage with each other Member on their preferred social media platform… and contribute at least one (1) new posting or comment each month. This is a simple yet powerful way to increase your social credibility.

Good Deeds -> Rewards -> $

You cannot always be a customer for every Member in your group. You may not always have a Guest. You may not always have a Referral… but can still contribute to the success of others and make each meeting fun.

We reward you for all of your positive contributions to the group. We reward you for social media engagement, making referrals, bringing guests, and meeting attendance.