How It Works

The 5 Steps to Success

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Join a Group

Find a Group near you and Join it. People do business with others who they know, like and trust. The primary benefit of the weekly meetings is to provide a platform for others to get to know you. Learn to educate, not sell, when you talk about your business. Describe the problem your clients have that you solve and talk about the benefits they get by working with you.

Industry Exclusivity

Members are Protected! When you join a  Group you will not have to compete with others in your industry. There is some crossover in some industries… such as Insurance, Banking, and Financial Advisors… each of whom sell some products that the others offer.

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Get Trained

Learn about the online networking tools that are included with the Membership. Use the networking tools. They work.

Connect with the other Members of your Group.  Watch the Affiliate Program videos so you fully understand how it works. You can actually make a lot of money from the Affiliate program.

Learn :: Connect :: Prosper

Every Member gets a suite of digital tools that are effective at accelerating growth. Those tools allow you to build vibrant communities. Training teaches you how to use the Community Tools to grow your business. We help you build connections that result in business. A healthy growing business is a more prosperous business.

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Invite Guests

Every small business needs more customers. Networking groups are a great way to get more exposure and leads. It depends on your activate participation. Be sure to invite at least 2 Guests each week to attend the Group Meetings

Remember that you get paid $50 for each new Member that joins… and… You earn commissions from Training Fees and Monthly CRM Fees for a total of 6 levels in your downline.

The :30 Second MBA Program

There are only two (2) ways any business becomes more profitable… Increase Revenues and/or Reduce Costs. Increasing Revenues only happens when you either: 1) get more customers, or 2) sell more to the customers you already have. Inviting Guests to attend a Meeting is the fastest way to get new customers. Each Member is committed to bringing Guests and Guests are the source of new business for everyone.

Our networking model is a powerful way to expand your customer base.

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Get to know the other Members

People do business with others that they know, like, and trust. Spend time with the other Members. Get to know their businesses while they get to know you and your business.

If there is anyone in the group who offers a service you need give them a try. Actively try to make referrals. When you get good services and products tell others. Engage on Social Media with the other Members.

Business is Social

Is social media important to you? Which social media?

Members are committed to engaging with each other on the social media platform that is most important to each Member. I may prefer Facebook but you may prefer Linkedin, and someone else may prefer Pinterest… etc. Each Member agrees to engage with each other Member on their preferred social media platform… and contribute at least one (1) new posting or comment each month. This is a simple yet powerful way to increase your social credibility.

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Do Good – Get Acknowledged

Positive reinforcement is a powerful incentive. Everyone likes to be acknowledged when they do a good deed. We show our love by rewarding good deeds!

Earn reward for making referrals. Earn more rewards when your referral closes business with a Member. Earn rewards for engaging on social media with other Members.Earn rewards for bringing Guests. Earn rewards for meeting attendance.

Good Deeds -> Rewards -> $

You cannot always be a customer for every Member in your group. You may not always have a Guest. You may not always have a Referral… but can still contribute to the success of others and make each meeting fun.

We reward you for all of your positive contributions to the group. We reward you for social media engagement, making referrals, bringing guests, and meeting attendance.