Benefits of Membership:

  1. Weekly Networking Group Meetings
  2. Access to the “Elements of Entrepreneurial Success” online  course.
  3. Rewards for Referrals
  4. Rewards for Closed Business by Referrals
  5. Rewards for Social Media Engagement
  6. Rewards for bringing Guests to Meetings 
  7. Rewards for Perfect Meeting Attendance
  8. A Powerful Suite of Digital Marketing Tools
  9. A Social Media Support System

Cost of Membership:

  1. $100 One-Time Training Fee
  2. $9.95/mo. for CRM Services… price may be higher if you have more than 400 records in your database.

Member Affiliate Rewards:

  1. $75 for each new Member you sponsor.
  2. You earn a Commission on purchases made by anyone in your down-line for a total of 6 Tiers.

The Member Affiliate Program Explained:

Watch this video for an overview of the Member Affiliate Program