Roaming Member Program Rules of Participation

Roaming Members are Members who represent an Industry Category with very little competition and / or who provide services virtually and wish to attend multiple Networking Groups.

Roaming Members must agree to adhere to the following Rules of Participation:

  • A Roaming Member must have a Home Group.
  • All Members can only be Members of one (1) Home Group
  • Standard Member Rewards would apply to the Home Group only… attendance, referrals, Guests, etc.
  • Roaming Members will be considered Guests when they visit another Group.
  • Roaming Members must announce that they are Members of another Group who are visiting as Guests.
  • As a Guest the Roaming Member would give their Business Presentation during the Guest Presentations portion of the meeting.
  • Roaming Members should investigate the Group they are planning to visit and make sure that their industry is not already represented by another Member.
  • If a Roaming Member attends a Group and discovers that their industry is represented by a Member they shall not provide a Business Presentation during that meeting. They may only observe and when called upon shall decline to introduce themselves.
  • Roaming Members shall refrain from placing their contact information in a public chat until they have determined that there is not a competing Member in the group they are visiting.

Roaming Member Fee: $24.95/mo. (or 24,950 Tokens/mo.*)

  • Roaming Members status is only available to Affiliate Members paying a Roaming Member fee each month.
  • Roaming Members must maintain Active Status as a Member, meaning that they would still be required to meet the minimum Home Group Membership Activity requirements:
    • attend 50% of Home Group meetings, and
    • make at least an average of 1 legitimate referral per month, and
    • engage with at least 50% of the Home Group Members on Social Media each month
  • Failure to abide by the above Rules of Participation may result in denial of future participation in the Roaming Member Program.
  • We regret that we cannot offer the Roaming Member Program to Members who represent a product or service sold through an MLM business model.

* Payment of the $24.95 per month may be made with RKTT Tokens at the rate of 24,950 RKTT Tokens. If a monthly payment is due and there are not enough RKTT Tokens then a payment of $24.95 will automatically be applied and may be deducted from any Affiliate Earnings that are available. If there are not sufficient Affiliate Earnings then a payment may be applied to the Members card on file.